2018 Advent Devotional #1

Until your sin has been imputed* to the back of the suffering servant Jesus Christ, He can never be your King.” –Pastor Tim McClellan

Yesterday Pastor Tim taught us about a King named Jesus who came to rule but also to serve. While we take part in His royal inheritance when we choose to follow Christ, we also “inherit” his mission to humility and servanthood. This week, re-read Philippians 2:1-11 and reflect on how Christ the King came to serve mankind. How can you and/or your family step out of your normal routine to serve someone around you? Take an afternoon to volunteer at St. Martin’s, or see if an elderly neighbor needs help with any chores or yardwork. Offer to clear someone else’s tray when you go out to eat, or simply take time to listen to a friend in need. Use this as an opportunity to reflect the servanthood of our King Jesus.

*laid upon, attributed to