2018 Advent Devotional #2

In the midst of a world filled with scandal, it’s easy to feel like God has abandoned us. David experienced this feeling, as Pastor Tim pointed out in Psalm 88:14-18. Even Jesus seemed to be more of a scandal than the solution the Jews were hoping for, making them feel that God had abandoned them. But even when it feels like God is far away, God never leaves and we can trust Him even when it doesn’t make sense. “When we go through scandal and still don’t turn away, God honors our love.” This week, reflect on the ways that God has been present amidst the darkness in your life. Have you remained joyful, loving, and obedient to God in these times? Think of someone in your life who is currently experiencing a “personal scandal” or dark place. How can you encourage them this week that they are not alone—that God can work even in the scandal? Consider writing them a note of encouragement, sharing a testimony of God’s presence in your own life with them, or simply giving them a small gift to remind them they are loved. If you have kids, let them be a part of this and remind them that we can rejoice because God is always with us.


Pray this prayer adapted from the close of Pastor Tim’s sermon this past Sunday.


“Lord Jesus, I want to trust you, even when the lies of the enemy fill my head. I want to trust you even more than usual when the enemy convinces me there is no solution or hope in the scandal. Help me keep believing and walking in obedience. I believe you will never leave me. Help my unbelief when I get low. Amen.”