Many times, we cannot tell what someone believes just by looking at them.  People do not tend to wear all of their beliefs on their sleeves for everyone to see—they keep what they believe in their minds.  Following Christ as Lord and Savior is a belief that should be obvious to those around us. Once a person has decided in their heart to follow Jesus, it is necessary that they make a public announcement that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior; baptism serves as this announcement. 

 Why do we do it?  Because Christ asked all of his followers to be baptized.  Being baptized is an essential step in our journey of following Christ.  While we believe that God works in us to make us more like Christ in this act, being baptized is not a cure-all that will make us stop sinning.  Baptism is an opportunity that God offers us to go deeper in our walk with Him; it is a sign to God and those around us of our surrender and commitment to Christ.  Not only that, but it is also a time for fellow Christians to celebrate with us in the decision that they once made as well—the decision to follow Christ.
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