Top Eight Reasons to Check Out Lakeview Wesleyan Church

Top Eight Reasons to Check Out Lakeview Wesleyan Church

I’ve had the privilege of serving as Lakeview Wesleyan Church’s pastor for a month. There are several qualities that make this congregation uniquely impressive. Here are my Top Eight Reasons to Check Out Lakeview Wesleyan Church, in no particular order.

-Diverse People: Anyone who walks into Lakeview can find someone who looks like them in terms of age, ethnicity, or dress. Our people are black, brown, white and yellow. We have 23 year-olds sitting next to 90 year-olds. And we have everything in between. You will find people wearing jeans and shorts or suits and dresses. Lakeview is ministering well to all generations and many ethnicities. This is one of my favorite things about LWC.

-Worship Variety: Forrest Gump once said, “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” I would say the same thing about Lakeview’s worship style. And that’s a good thing! One Sunday, you might get cutting edge, new worship music. If you come back the following Sunday, you will encounter 80’s worship with the choir, or ancient hymns. We have 2000 years of expression in Christian worship to make use of, why get locked in to one style?

-Young and Talented Pastors: We have four ministry staff in their twenties and one who is in his thirties. Despite their youth, they are mature beyond their years and competent beyond their experience. They love the church and work hard to do what they say they are going to do when they say they will get it done. I love working with this group of energetic, Church-loving, Christ-adoring young pastors.

-Competent Lay Leadership: I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the spiritual maturity of our lay leadership team. They willingly sacrifice so much time, energy, and money, and they do it in a Christlike manner. I have yet to encounter immaturity in the forms of gossip, pride, or unreliability from our lay leaders. This has been so refreshing. The healthiest local churches have a strong, spiritually mature lay leadership team.   

-Community Impact: Lakeview Wesleyan Church has a school and counseling center, both of which are serving hundreds of people in Grant County in significant ways. There are, I’m discovering, challenges for a church that has a school and counseling center, but the kingdom rewards far outweigh the risks. There are people who experience Christ through the school and counseling center who are not yet ready to attend a local church. I’m proud to be a part of a local church that finds ways to serve people before they step foot in the church.

-New Converts: Sadly, I’ve been to many churches that have not had a new convert to Christ in many years. But, I’ve encountered a few churches who see people cross the line of faith on a regular basis. Lakeview Wesleyan Church is one of those “conversion friendly” congregations. Just about every week, I meet someone who has come to faith in Christ through Lakeview over the last few weeks or months. This is so incredibly exciting to me. Jesus made converts, and churches connected to him will do the same. Lakeview is helping people cross the line of faith in Jesus Christ. And, trust me, this is rare quality in the American Church today.

-A Historically Missional Church: Lakeview Wesleyan Church has a wonderful history not only of local impact in Grant County but global influence as well. This church has been known far and wide for making disciples and sending them out for influential mission locally, nationally, and globally. This “sending” is not only a historic hallmark of the Lakeview DNA, but a present reality. This is a historic church with a fantastic future.

-Prayer: Most churches talk about the priority of prayer, but Lakeview embodies it! Their prayer chain is the most active I’ve seen. They have an entire room on campus devoted to intercessory prayer. And, it gets a ton of traffic! They are currently engaged in a 40 days of prayer journey. This church is focused on the power of God to do what we cannot accomplish without him. So, we pray first, we pray fiercely, and we pray frequently!

You are invited to become a part of this incredible church, uniquely poised to put a dent in Grant County with the good news of Christ’s love.


Pastor Lenny Luchetti